Reversal of Thought (Radio Mix)

Forrest Smithson

Ambient electronic soundscapes. Powerful and graceful sonic narratives of contemplative lyricism. Auditory presentations delivering a new patterning for open receptivity. Supporting the expansion of unity within the aural landscapes of awareness.

Forrest Smithson: Reversal of Thought

About “Reversal of Thought”: Reversal of Thought emerges to weave together elements of the dream of separation into ambient electronic soundscapes of auditory unity and grace, inviting new relationships to be experienced as part of a purposeful whole. Pieces of unique auditory variability provide vehicles for the interplay of diverse energetic relationships, pooling the original potency of awareness into an intimate relationship with the unknown coming to be known.

Reversal of Thought is Smithson’s fourth ambient album release, following Ooti, Dreaming Time and Sphere to Locus 29, all of which were well received among radio broadcasters and listeners worldwide.

About Forrest Smithson: A lifelong musician, Smithson creates masterful excursions into new territories of lyrical and modern musical textures and atmospheres. Forrest’s musical creations emerge from a natural affinity for embracing diverse elements and variables of sound, holding them in awareness as a unified event, creating sonic presentations of wholeness within form.

Forrest has long nurtured a deep musical connection, studying composition, piano, trumpet, guitar and electronic music and majored in music during college. A student of many influences, from avant-garde, film music, modernist electro-acoustic music, to medieval and early music, his music is colored with elements necessary to bring diverse qualities into a unified expression.

As Forrest states, “What emerged was a strong improvisational style that incorporated various modal influences with unrestricted movement, extended harmonizations, and a free counterpoint, all contributing to an overall harmonic color while always retaining a sense of movement and expansion.

In recent years, the musical expression of the inner growth that was occurring in his own life came into very clear focus, resulting in four recent commercial releases - Sphere to Locus 29, Dreaming Time, OOTI, and Reversal of Thought. Dreaming Time earned a spot on the “Best of CDs of 2013” by Backroads (Lloyd Barde) and a top-10 ranking on ZMR for January of 2014.

Smithson’s last release, OOTI, found it’s place on many ambient stations’ rotations, ranking #3 on ZMR’s top 100 airplay chart for 2015. Smithson’s albums are available at online sales sites such as, CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, and Rhapsody.

In addition to his passion for music, Smithson has also built a career assisting people with developmental disabilities, helping them to better fit into their community and improve their lives: “My experiences in life are deeply mirrored in my music. My life’s work is to help people transform themselves, to move into an experience of wholeness that honors their individuality and uniqueness of expression.”

“Engaging in deeply personal musical expression is a true soul medicine for me. It is like showing up at a well, and in that well is the vast expanse of my life’s experiences, existing as intensities waiting to be drawn up and woven into expressions of unity that convey the beauty and mystery of life,”

Forrest Smithson

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