Sphere to Locus 29

Forrest Smithson

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Deep, energetic expressions of ambient electronic soundscapes, emerging from the integration of experiential intensities. Lyrical and abstract elements converge to invite awareness into an auditory world where the movement and expression of unity unfolds.

Forrest Smithson

Forrest possesses a natural affinity for embracing diverse elements and variables of sound coming from multiple locations and holding them in awareness as a unified event

This ability to unify elements of varied energetic qualities, in differing states of unfoldment, is brought forth to create presentations of wholeness within form

The increased mastery of open, active receptivity functions on the practical level of establishing a deep, stable, living location within the heart for birthing the emergence of unity awareness

This true intersection becomes a place within for establishing a direct relationship with the unknown

This relationship with the unknown coming to be known is embraced and navigated by an awareness born of the joining of heart and mind

Forrest is devoted to a process of embracing the intensities within the ceaseless unfolding of the fabric of life as they occur within the daily awake time of ordinary life

As experiences and events present themselves, the energetic elements within the events are embraced by the heart of awareness

Intensities are apprehended by an all encompassing embrace of acceptance, creating a direct relationship with all that is given

This active receptivity creates the conditions for activation, remembrance, unfoldment, aggregation, transformation and integration

As intensities ripen into availability, the energetic elements move to join in the process of unification, bringing elements that were previously experienced in separation into the experience of unity awareness, contributing then to the embodiment of wholeness within form

Sphere to Locus 29:

Soundscapes emerging from the integration of experiential intensities. Lyrical and abstract elements converge to bring forth movement and expression of unity awareness.


Intensities arrive from multiple sources, providing for a deepening experience of convergence within

An energetic pulse propels and carries awareness through sonic scenes of humanity and nature

Uncommon relationships emerge as sounds and timbres convene to form an expressive landscape of unity

Lyrical expressions accompany the shaping of textures as the arriving elements weave into territories of convergent intensity

All the while, traversing new possibilities, activating unique correlations, and inviting the discovery of new pathways

Combining to create a here-ness of immersion that presents awareness with a completed journey through a soundscape of power and beauty

Locus 29

A pure rhythmic strength and calm establishes a steady certainty, deepened by harmonic uniqueness

Active energy gives way to expansive strokes, breathing in stability and sureness

Awareness is presented with an open, active space of revelation

Complementing elements flow together into the discovery of new regions of sonic spaciousness

The invitation for awareness to surrender completely to the cooperative state of unity

Now a true center for integration is established, culminating in a place of joyful gathering

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