A Right Use of Will

Forrest Smithson

Deep, energetic expressions of ambient electronic creations. Rich, musical landscapes contribute to an other-worldly mood, carrying the listener through imaginative, expansive spaces. Excursions into new territories of lyrical textures and atmospheres.

About Forrest Smithson: A lifelong musician, Smithson creates masterful excursions into new territories of lyrical and modern musical textures and atmospheres. Forrest has long nurtured a deep musical connection. A student of many influences, from avant-garde, film music, modernist electro-acoustic music, to medieval and early music, his music is colored with elements necessary to bring diverse qualities into a unified expression. In recent years, the musical expression of the inner growth occurring in his own life came into very clear focus, resulting in five recent commercial releases, including Sphere to Locus 29, Dreaming Time, OOTI with a ZMR #3 ranking for all of 2015, and Reversal of Thought. Dreaming Time was a “Best of CDs of 2013” by Backroads and a top-10 ranking on ZMR in 2014. Smithson’s last release, Journey of the Outshining Source, was a ZMR top-10 and was nominated for best ambient album for 2017 by Zone Music Reporter and One World Music. Tracks from several of these albums have been played on highly regarded shows such as Hearts of Space, Spotify, Echoes, Sirius XM “Spa”, Star’s End, and Ultima Thule. Smithson’s albums are available at online sales sites such as ForrestSmithson.com, iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. “My experiences in life are deeply mirrored in my music. My life’s work is to help people transform themselves, to move into an experience of wholeness that honors their individuality and uniqueness of expression.”

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