Trois Pieces Sonores 
Les Murmures 
La Conversation 


La Resonnante Philharmonique

 Forrest Smithson 

Forrest Smithson is an American composer from Northern California, most known for his acclaimed catalogue of Ambient Electronic compositions. 

Trois Pieces Sonores, is a ternary work for orchestra, Les Murmures, an evocative long form textural piece for orchestra, and La Conversation, a dialogue for wind ensemble. 

Each, a journey of contemporary classical polystylistic and diaphonic devices, infused with parallel harmonies and language clusters, colored with the uniqueness of Smithson’s distinctive harmonies and a lyricism that evokes atmospheres and visions of imaginative spaces. 

The enduring qualities present throughout these pieces emerge from a devoted attention to movement, a plethora of dynamic tensions that deliver an experience of purposeful harmonic locations and destinations of emotional intensity and fulfillment. Thus creating a space that is effectively provocative of a poignant, visceral, soulful and atmospheric experience. 

Throughout the pieces on this CD, the rich musical landscape establishes a provocative mood, with a sense of intelligent spontaneity,  creating thoughtfully stimulating, sophisticated emotional spaces.